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Locating and successfully courting talent in your industry requires HR time and resources. Quality talent is more likely to use the services of an Executive Search agency to locate their dream position. As a company, using an Executive Search firm to locate, shortlist, and secure your next high-level team member is key to beating your competition to great talent.

With this directory, you can contact 91 Executive Search firms with an outline of your ideal candidate, and they do the rest.

This is an excel directory of 91 Executive Search Firms that includes the following information:
Description of Services

This directory will help employers identify talent in their industry, and help job seekers explore career advancement opportunities.

This is an Excel file that is sortable so you can develop a recruitment strategy. Excel includes export capabilities, so you can merge the data with a form letter to contact all organizations with your offer.

Pages: 91
Published: June 2014
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
Organizations Listed in this Database include:
Battalia Winston
Bialla & Associates
Boardroom Consultants
JC Wilson Associates
Jon Harvey Associates
J Robert Scott
Kindred Partners
StoneWood Group
Storm & Company
Talent Age Associates
Taylor Winfield
The Alexander Group
The Arcus Group
The Buffkin Group
Single User PDF -
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