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Global Shipping Industry Trends
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This report discusses the trends impacting the Global Shipping Industry such as the high cyclicality of the industry, industry fragmentation, fleet management, and cost management. Industry technology and safety is also examined followed by the impact of shipping on the environment.

The Chinese shipping industry is one of the fastest growing shipping markets in the world and investors are optimistic of strong long-term growth of the overall Asia Pacific shipping industry.

This report examines the global shipping industry through an industry overview and segment-wise analysis. It begins with a look at the importance of the global shipping industry and its economic impact. It provides an analysis of the container shipping market, crude tanker market and dry bulk carrier market. These segments are further analyzed by various vessel markets.

The global shipping industry has seen many changes in recent years, especially in terms of technology. And with increasing industrialization, the importance of seaborne trade has increased.

The report provides a breakdown of global shipping fleets, including fleet statistics, the market for ship building, the various ship types, as well as the leading fleets of the world.

An outlook for the global shipping industry is followed by profiles of the major industry players including AP Moeller-Maersk, Baltic Trading, DryShips, Golar LNG, and others.

Pages: 157
Published: February 2014
Publisher: Red Mountain Insights
ISBN: 978-1-62484-015-9
Executive Summary 9
Importance of the Global Shipping Industry 11
Introduction 11
Economic Outlook & Impact on the Global Shipping Industry 12
Global Shipping Industry 15
Industry Overview 15
Container Shipping Market 15
Crude Tanker Market 22
Aframax Market 24
Panamax & Handymax/Handysize Market 25
VLCC Market 27
Suezmax Market 28
Dry Bulk Carrier Market 30
Capesize Vessel Market 32
Handymax Vessel Market 34
Panamax Vessel Market 36
Global Shipping Fleet 38
Overview 38
Global Shipping Fleet Statistics 39
Market for Shipbuilding 41
Ship Types 41
General Cargo Ships 42
Tankers 42
Bulk Carriers 43
Passenger Ships 44
Containerships 46
Fishing Vessels 47
Leading Fleets of the World 47
Industry Trends 50
High Cyclicality of the Industry 50
Capital Intensity 50
Funding Structures for Different Vehicles 51
Cost Management 51
Commodity Product 52
Industry Fragmentation 52
Competition and Cooperation 52
Fleet Management 53
Industry Technology & Safety 54
Marine Technology 54
Marine Safety 55
Maritime Security 61
Impact of Shipping on the Environment 68
Land-based Pollution 69
Waste Generated on Land & Disposed at Sea 70
Industrial Waste 71
Sewage Sludge 72
Dredged Material 72
Incineration at Sea 73
Radioactive Wastes 73
Other Waste Categories 73
Enforcement 74
Sea-based Pollution 74
Water Pollution Generated from Ships 75
Air Pollution Generated from Ships 92
Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships 94
Global Shipping Industry Outlook 96
Major Players 98
Aegean Marine 98
AP Moeller - Maersk A/S 100
Baltic Trading 102
China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd 104
Danaos Corporation 105
Diana Shipping 107
DryShips 109
Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. 113
Excel Maritime 115
Genco Shipping & Trading Limited 116
General Maritime 118
Globus Maritime Ltd 119
Golar LNG 121
Goldenport Holdings Inc. 123
Jinhui Shipping & Transportation Limited 125
Kirby Corporation 127
Overseas Shipholding Group 137
Safe Bulkers, Inc. 141
Seaspan Corporation 143
Ship Finance International Limited 145
Stolt-Nielsen S.A. 147
Teekay Corporation 150
Tsakos Energy Navigation 154
Ultrapetrol 156
Wilh Wilhelmsen Holding ASA 159

List of Figures & Tables


Figure 1: World Container Ship Capacity 16
Figure 2: Fuel Oil Price in Singapore Spot Market 19
Figure 3: World Fleet Quarterly Delivery Schedule 22
Figure 4: Aframax Delivery Schedule 24
Figure 5: Aframax Fleet (MMdwt) Additions Vs. Removals 24
Figure 6: Pana/Handy Delivery Schedule 25
Figure 7: Pana/Handy Fleet (MMdwt) Add. Vs. Removals 26
Figure 8: VLCC Delivery Schedule 27
Figure 9: Suezmax Delivery Schedule 28
Figure 10: Suezmax Fleet (MMdwt) Additions Vs. Removals 29
Figure 11: Dry Bulk Delivery Schedule (MMdwt) 31
Figure 12: Capesize Delivery Schedule (MMdwt) 33
Figure 13: Capesize Additions Vs. Removals (MMdwt) 33
Figure 14: Handymax Delivery Schedule (MMdwt) 34
Figure 15: Panamax Delivery Schedule (MMdwt) 36
Figure 16: Development of the Global Shipping Fleet (in millions of dwt) 39
Figure 17: World Tonnage on Order (2000-2010) (in thousands of Dwt) 40
Figure 18: Loss Rate of all Ships of 100gt & Above (2006 to 2010) 57
Figure 19: Average PSC detention rate for all PSC regimes (percentage rate) 2002-2009 60
Figure 20: Cost of ISPS Compliance 61
Figure 21: Ships Hijacked and Missing (2006-2010) 63
Figure 22: Consequences for Crew (2006-2010) 64
Figure 23: Total Cost of Piracy, 2011 65
Figure 24: Overview of Total Sea Pollution 69
Figure 25: Numbers of Large Spills (over 700 Tons) 1970-2011 76
Figure 26: Number of medium sized (7-700T) and large (>700T) spills per decade from 1970-2011 77
Figure 27: Number of oil spills over 7 tons per decade showing the influence of a relatively small number of comparatively large spills on the overall figure 78
Figure 28: Annual Quantity of Oil Spilt over 7 Tons, 1970-2011 79
Figure 29: Ratio of Oil (Cargo and Bunkers) Discharged into the Sea, to Total Quantities Carried by SEA (2006-2010) 80
Figure 30: Incidence of Spills 7-700 Tons by Cause, 1970-2011 81
Figure 31: Percentage of HNS Incidents by Package Type 85
Figure 32: HNS Incidents by Cargo Type 86
Figure 33: HNS Incidents by Cause 87
Figure 34: HNS Incidents Involving a Release of HNS by Cause 88


Table 1: Development of World Seaborne Trade (in Millions of Tons Loaded) 11
Table 2: World Ranking of Maritime Shippers, by Shipping Capacity (May 2012) 17
Table 3: Orders of New Container Ships 18
Table 4: Worldwide Tanker Fleet 22
Table 5: Aframax Fleet Profile 23
Table 6: Panamax & Handy Fleet Profile 25
Table 7: VLCC Fleet Profile 26
Table 8: Suezmax Fleet Profile 28
Table 9: Worldwide Dry Bulk Carrier Fleet 31
Table 10: Capesize Dry Bulk Carrier Fleet 32
Table 11: Handymax Dry Bulk Carrier Fleet 34
Table 12: Panamax Dry Bulk Carrier Fleet 35
Table 13: Top 20 Merchant Fleets in the World, 2011 47
Table 14: Top 20 Controlled Fleets in the World, 2011 48
Table 15: Number of Ships Lost between 2006-2010 56
Table 16: Number of ships and lives lost due to piracy and armed robbery and number of such incidents against ships engaged on international voyages (2006-2011) 62
Table 17: Distribution of Pollution from Seabed Activities 73
Table 18: Number of Spills Occurring from Ships Subject to IMO Instruments (2006 – 2010) 80
Table 19: Ratio of Oil Discharges into the Sea to Total Carried by Sea (2006-2010) 80
Table 20: HNS Incidents by Product Behavior Category (2006-2011) 84
Table 21: Top Ten Most Spilled HNS Substances 90
Aegean Marine
AP Moeller - Maersk A/S
Baltic Trading
China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd
Danaos Corporation
Diana Shipping
Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
Excel Maritime
Genco Shipping & Trading Limited
General Maritime
Globus Maritime Ltd
Golar LNG
Goldenport Holdings Inc.
Jinhui Shipping & Transportation Limited
Kirby Corporation
Overseas Shipholding Group
Safe Bulkers, Inc.
Seaspan Corporation
Ship Finance International Limited
Stolt-Nielsen S.A.
Teekay Corporation
Tsakos Energy Navigation
Wilh Wilhelmsen Holding ASA
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